You will be amazed at how much you will learn in approximately one hour (55-75 minutes) at your computer.  You will find this to be the best investment you have ever made in educating yourself about your chosen subject area(s).

Our ABC On-line Courses are outstanding learning opportunities which include practical, easy-to-follow strategies, tips and ideas in the subject area of your choice.  Most courses include revealing, personal quizzes which establish your competency level in this particular subject.  You will quickly identify the areas where you need the most help and skills.

Humor, in the form of cartoons, step-by-step means to achieve your goals and logical, straight forward, useful hints and suggestions are included in every course.  PowerPoint slides with animation and sound are offered in every course to simulate your enjoyment and interest.

You can select one or several ABC Courses to put in your Shopping Cart at this time.  You will be given a "course password code" and then you can select the perfect time to sit down and enjoy this wonderful learning opportunity and experience.

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1. Gain 'Time Control'-
Effective Time & Organizational Skills
Free Preview
2. Controlling 'Your Stress' Free Preview
3. Opposite Sex Secrets-
Attracting & Communicating Well
With The Opposite Sex
Free Preview
4. Customer Service Excellence-
Giving Your Organization The Edge
Free Preview
5. Winning Presentations-
Free Preview
6. Powerful Business Writing-
New Rules & Protocols

Free Preview
7. New Manner Rules-
Etiquette & Manners For Business Success

Free Preview
8. Strong Conflict Management
- 5 Styles = 5 Options For You

Free Preview
9. Become More 'Assertive'
- Achieve Your Goals & Earn Respect

Free Preview
10. Strengthening 'Your Team'-
Improving Internal Communication

Free Preview
11. Effective Body Language Communication
Free Preview
12. Running Great Meetings-
Planning & Organizing Efficiently

Free Preview
13. 'Negotiating' To Win-
Successfully & Assertively Making Your Point

Free Preview
14. 'Phone Power'
- Effective Business Telephone Communication

Free Preview
15. Communication Differences
Between Men & Women

Free Preview
16. Communication Secrets For Women
- Strategies For Success

Free Preview
17. Nailing Your 'Job Interview'-
Job Interview Skills That Get You Hired
Free Preview
18. Successful Sales & Marketing Secrets
Free Preview

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